Impressionen und Stimmen

Impressionen und Stimmen

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#SWEC19 – Das Software Engineering Camp in Erlangen (Teaser)

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Retrospective: The Software Engineering Camp 2016

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Software Engineering Camp 2016. After attending the DevOps Camp earlier this year, I was looking for more ‘barcamp spirit’ and, with the help of a friend, I found it! So, barcamp. What’s that?...

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comparing the incomparible - #devcamp16 vs. #swec16

Lucky me, living in the metropolitan area of Nuremberg, … this year I attended three different developer-oriented open spaces hosted within one hour driving range from home...

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Fazit zum Software Engineering Camp 2016

Die Softwareschmiede Method Park wird seit vielen Jahren als Top Arbeitgeber ausgezeichnet. Sie baut vor allem auf Software Handwerkskunst und damit auf moderne Wissensarbeit...

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Software Engineering Camp 2016

A few days have passed since last weekend’s Software Engineering Camp and I had some time to collect thoughts and reflect. I looked up when I first heard about this event and I traced it back...

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